Eco-friendly KingsGrill is made from naturally renewable coconut shells. A quick to light charcoal, Kingsgrill does not contain petroleum, lighter fluid, mineral coal, limestone, scrap wood of dubious origins and coal tar (potentially carcinogenic petrochemicals) making it environment-friendly, economical to use, biodegradable, safe for storage, and convenient for transport. Try it and no trees will ever be cut down.

This "engineered fuel" has uniquely designed oxygen tunnels necessary for continuous, good combustion and sufficient heat release. Ignition smoke as a result of massive release of oxygen to ensure initial combustion will disappear after one to two minutes from ignition. In fact, you can even light the brick using a wooden match stick on top of each briquette and get it burning quickly. Intensive research was done to come up with this biodegradable, environmentally-friendly, safe and economical source of alternative fuel.

The "quik-lite" technology does not contain any petroleum chemical to get it going. Instead, this twin layer briquette is infused with an all natural, organic lighting substance. Primary material is the natural coconut shell, sourced out locally, which has intrinsically high calorific value and clean-burning characteristics.

As the manufacturer continues its effort on protecting the environment, it leads them to innovate their charcoal drying system. Burning of petroleum was eliminated and the power supply requirements were reduced through the use of organic biomass fuel. The packing materials used for the charcoal are biodegradable and recyclable. The consumers' growing awareness about health, safety, and environmental concerns were all considered in the development of the product.