12 December 2007 – Philippine Ambassador to the Netherlands Romeo Arguelles reported to the Department of Foreign Affairs on the recently concluded International Business in Development (BiD) Challenge held in Amsterdam last 4 December. This is the fourth year the Ambassador has attended the event as a manifestation of support to participating Filipino entrepreneurs and business proposals targeted for the Philippines.

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Winners of the BiD Challenge Philippines 2007

10 of the 42 finalists of the BiD Challenge Philippines were nominated and awarded at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati on the 22nd of October. Two of the finalists will attend the Award Event and marketplace in the Netherlands in December. Apart from prizes, efforts are under way to match the entrepreneurs to local and/or international financiers

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Poverty reduction main business of BiD Challenge

MANILA, Philippines--BEING the first business plan competition to address the problem of limited access to investors for the small and medium enterprise (SME) segment, it comes as no surprise that the Philippine BiD Challenge received a warm response in its first year.

The competition encourages the development of business models that generate profit and support poverty reduction by matchmaking the proponents with promising business plans to mentors and potential investors. The 100,000 cash award to the 10 best entries were surely a great draw, but more than the cash, competitors were attracted to the possibility of being mentored by specialists and being matched with prospective investors.

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Recycling Coconut Shells

This is uling (charcoal), reinvented.

Eco-friendly KingsGrill is made from naturally renewable coconut shells. A quick to light charcoal, Kingsgrill does not contain petroleum, lighter fluid, mineral coal, limestone, scrap wood of dubious origins and coal tar (potentially carcinogenic petrochemicals) making it environment-friendly, economical to use, biodegradable, safe for storage, and convenient for transport. Try it and no trees will ever be cut down.

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Charcoal of the future?

Ever since Henry Ford and his brother-in-law fired up briquettes of sawdust, charcoal has been produced from industrial waste. Whether dust from the saw mills or scraps from furniture factories, we have relied on someone to turn this useless leftover wood into fuel for our grills and smokers.

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King's Grill Premium Brick Charcoal

While this may look like one of our regular reviews, actually it is not. We were asked to review this charcoal by a reader, so we contacted the distributor who was kind enough to send us a sample for a review. However, as the distributor warned us, this is not really meant to compete with lump charcoal. Here is what the distributor told us about the product:

"This charcoal was not meant to be used for low and slow cooking, nor was it designed to compete with the likes of Royal Oak lump. This is supposed to be a better, cleaner, more convenient and more efficient alternative to regular and matchlight briquets."

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Exotic Petroleum-Free Instant Light Natural Coconut Brick Charcoal to Fire up Americas Grills

Believed to be the first quick-light charcoal of its kind in the world, Philippine-made natural coconut KingsGrill Quik-Lite Premium Brick Charcoal has recently earned a US patent pending in addition to its Philippine patent pending and other patent applications. Most remarkable is KingsGrills exotic design, the absence of mineral coal, scrap wood and fillers in its composition, petroleum-free quick lighting characteristics and smoke-free combustion. Four pieces of charcoal bricks are all it takes to cook about 4 to 6 pounds of barbecue as it continuously burns for up to 1½ hours. Complete ignition of the charcoal bricks is achieved in under 2 minutes and is ready for cooking in under 4 minutes.

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Umweltfreundlicher und schnell anzündbares Brikett auf dem Markt!

Kennen Sie das? Zünden und ewig warten, bis die Briketts grau sind! Und dazu die manchmal mühsame Anzündung mit diversen Anzündmittel.Vorbei die Zeiten!

Das Kingsgrill Brikett zünden Sie in der Mitte an und zwar direkt mit dem Feuerzeug, ohne jegliche Anzündmittel. Nach 2 Minuten können Sie schon grillen.

Grillen und EM-Fussball

So geht das Grillfest nie mehr baden!

Die Holzkohle glüht, das Fleisch ist grillfertig eingelegt, das Spiel der deutschen Nationalmannschaft bei der EM steigt in 1 Stunde, Bier ist genug da, die Gäste sind hungrig - und dann kommt der große Sommerregen. Folge: Das Fleisch ist verdorben, die Kohle schwimmt und die Stimmung ist dahin!



Press Release
Grill-klar på 2 minutter med Kingsgrill

Kingsgrill briketten tændes simpelt hen med en lighter og 2 minutter senere er den stille og fredeligt brændt ren og klar til brug. Så slut med tændvæsken, grillmasteren kan beholde hår, øjenbryn og eventuel skægvækst hele sommeren. Og slut med ventetiden mens tændvæske og grillkul ”oser” af.